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Yellow Level

Yellow Level maths mastery facts are introduced in Year 3. Ideally most students will master these facts within the year, however provision is made for them to continue to work on them throughout the following years. 


For online practice go to our Yellow Level Symbaloo. You can also ask your child's teacher for some practice materials. 


Badges include:

4 Digit Counting  Counts forwards and backwards by 1s from any given 4 digit number. Says the number before or after any 4 digit number

Off the Decade -100s Count backwards and forwards by 10s and 100s on and off the decade.

Rounding to 5c Can round amounts of money to the nearest 5c

Rounding Numbers Round any number to the nearest 1000.

Odd or Even  Determine whether a number up to 1000 is odd or even.

Greater than/Less than Compare any 2 numbers up to 10 000 using symbols and terms ‘greater than' and ‘less than'

2 x tables, 3 x tables, 5 x tables, 10 x tables Recall multiplication tables

2 x facts, 3 x facts, 5 x facts,10 x facts Recall related division facts

Count by Fractions Counts by thirds, halves and quarters 

Show Fractions Can show thirds,fifths,halves,quarters and eighths of a whole or collection of objects

cm-m Recall 10mm in a cm, 100cm in 1 m

Midday & Midnight Can tell what time is midday and midnight

Digital minutes  Read digital clocks to the minute

Analog minutes  Read time to the minute . 

Angles  Identify the arms and vertex of an angle. Identify a right angle

3D objects Recognise a Pyramid

2D shapes Recognise quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, rhombus, trapezium and kite. Identify a regular an irregular shapes