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Castle Cove Public School Homework Policy

While there is little conclusive evidence of the learning benefits of homework in infants and primary schools, quality homework in these stages may help students to develop effective study habits and broaden their understanding and skills across the curriculum.

(Homework Policy Guidelines, Public Schools, NSW, May 2012, p.5)


The purpose of homework

Castle Cove Public School have developed evidence based homework tasks to provide strong support for student learning.

K-4 Homework

Homework in K-4 focuses on skills mastery. Home reading and rote learning of basic facts assist students master the basic skills required to successfully participate in literacy and numeracy based tasks at school. The badge system, beginning in Year 1, allows students some choice in their learning as well as incentives and recognition for achievement. This approach, based on the recommendations of the NSW Quality Teaching Framework, encourages high student engagement and self-directed learning.

Optional enrichment tasks are also included to allow students to deepen their knowledge and explore areas of personal interest.

Stage 3 Homework

In addition to continued skills mastery, homework for students in Years 5 and 6 is designed to develop responsibility, time-management skills and independent learning. 

View our Scope of Activities K-6.


Each term a newsletter is distributed to each class outlining the homework expectations.  Any enrichment projects for Years 2-4 are also distributed in this newsletter.

Each Monday a class email is sent home by each teacher which includes homework tasks that will support learning programs for that week.

Students in Years 1-6 receive a badge album at the start of the year to collect the badges earned for each set of skills mastered throughout the year.  Teachers also keep a record of badges at school.

Support and downloadable resources for all homework activities are available on the school website.  In addition, some take-home resources are also available from class teachers.

Stage 3 students are issued with a diary to assist in developing time management skills.  They are expected to bring this diary to school each day and use it to record dates for projects, permission notes and other events.


To find out more about what the research says about homework, read the NSW Department of Education and Communities research scan.