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Term 1

4J at work.

4J have had a busy, productive and enjoyable term.

Some of the highlights have been reading through Fantastic Mr Fox, studying the Snowy Mountains in NSW, experimenting with Ozobots, exploring Minecraft Education Edition, making reef hats with 1B and finishing off the term with a wonderful science incursion and a week called ‘The Week of the Ancients’ to encourage those interested in Ancient History and mythology (including learning The Mummy Song). 

Whilst reading Fantastic Mr Fox the class had opportunities to do narrative writing and artwork including Wanted posters and a portrait of a villain that they created on their own. They also got to imagine what Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean would have been like prior to the book starting and were able to spend some time critiquing the book and comparing it to some scenes from the movie. We also used the Ozobots as part of our Fantastic Mr Fox work creating a story map and using the Ozobot codes to show elements of the story in their work (for example some children chose to speed up the Ozobot to show how Mr Fox and the little foxes had to dig very quickly when the tractors started digging up the land.) The children then completed their tracks with drawings to show parts of the story. The children also made a pixel portrait on Minecraft Education of a character from the book of their choice and they enjoyed exploring the Fantastic Mr Fox world.

As part of our Snowy Mountains studies the class was split into randomly generated groups to research a topic of their choice and present this information to the class. Some of the topics chosen were the Mountain Pygmy Possum, the Corroboree frog, Yarrongabilly Caves and the Snowy River system. The children did some Snowy Mountains wildflower artworks with watercolour paint and as part of our art we looked at the work of a local indigenous artist, Pauline Coxon. The children studied the shapes, textures and techniques she used and used elements of her designs in their work. We wrote a class email to her (with an image of our artworks) and included the reasons that we liked her work. We hope to hear back from her soon. 

Our school fundraising this term for the Great Barrier Reef was very successful and the creation of the hats for the parade was a great collaborative effort and leadership opportunity as 4J journeyed across the road to 1B to assist them with their hats and to make their own. 

Russell from Fizzics Education come to the school and ran a wonderful presentation about light which has been their unit of study this term in science with Mrs Rao. The children benefited from his fantastic knowledge and asked many interesting questions. They loved the hands on light experiments and optical illusions. 

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