Castle Cove Public School


Telephone(02) 94171039


In 1S we have 20 students and many teachers who help us learn each day. Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Hull work with us in our classroom. Mrs Palmer, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Clarry, Mrs Rao, Ms Kerrison, Mrs Cowley, Viv and Maria also visit to help us learn throughout the week.

We enjoy exploring our school grounds, reading and writing in the playground and getting some daily exercise in the fresh air outside of our classroom. In our classroom we love to collaborate with our friends and work in small groups to solve problems in Numeracy lessons and other subject areas.

Outside our classroom there is an Australian native bee hive. There are many bees that gather in and around the hive during the middle of the day. We like to watch them out the window.

One of our favourite things to do is create new artworks in Visual Arts lessons. Some of our best art is displayed in the pictures of our classroom.  

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