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Term 1

Ozobots in 1H

Students from 1H had fun recently experimenting with Ozobots. Following on from their training with our Year 6 leaders, four six-year-old 1H students then became teacher/leaders themselves and trained the rest of the class! Beforehand, these students experienced what it was like to be a human robot as they attempted to program each other to perform a simple task. They found that robots only obey specific instructions and, if not programmed precisely, they go wrong!

The Ozobots are mini ball-shaped robots. They are programmed to follow lines by reading specific colour sequences which allow them to change their speed, direction, timing and movement.

Students learned simple programming skills such as cause/effect and critical thinking while having fun with their little robot buddies. 1H students experimented by drawing black lines on white paper and added red, blue and green colour sequences to code the Ozobots. We also found the Ozobots were able to follow the black lines on our recent ‘Spiral Snakes’ artwork.

Geography Features of Places

In our Year 1 Geography unit, students are learning to describe ‘Features of Places’. 1H students collected samples and sketched the natural features of the school environment before looking at built features. We are so lucky our school has lots of green space for us to explore!

Reef Hat Making

1H students enjoyed working with students from Mrs Sullivan’s Year 4 class, who helped them to make their Reef hats. They used recycled materials including egg cartons, cardboard, sponges, bottle tops, tissue paper and so on. They also looked at the colourful fish who live among the coral reef.  Then they made and decorated little fish to complete their hats, which they wore at the Reef Hat Parade. Students across the school raised money from this day to fund research into the Great Barrier Reef.

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