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Welcome to 1 'Awesome' A

We are a class of 21 students, 11 girls and 10 boys and our families come from many different countries. Many of our students can speak another language and they enjoy sharing interesting things about their different cultures.

In Term 1 we are learning about Chinese New Year (of the Dog) and the Commonwealth Games which are being held in Brisbane, Queensland.


We are starting to work on the skills in our Red Level, Maths Mastery Badge booklets. When we master a skill, we receive a badge sticker to put into our booklets. We have all year to practise our Maths skills and fill our badge books.


In English we are writing Recounts and learning how to use adjectives (describing words) to make our writing more interesting to read. During Literacy Groups we work on a variety of activities, such as phonics, spelling, and comprehension.

We like choosing our own home readers and we are all working on becoming more expressive, fluent readers.


Mrs Clarry teaches our class Science on Fridays and we enjoy learning about 'Sound'.


Most of our 1A students (and other Year 1 students) are currently part of 'Junior Earth Kids' and their job is to look after our five worm farms. Our worms enjoy eating all the 'Fruit Break' scraps collected up from 8 classrooms. The brick pavers are on the lids to stop the 'naughty' possums lifting off the lids to feast on the fruit scraps.

Year 1 Junior Earth Kids look after 5 worm farms

We are very lucky to have a group of very big spider webs, with about 5 'Golden Orb'  spiders, between the trees just outside our classroom verandah.

These beautiful (and harmless to humans) spiders like to eat flies and other insects. We hope they eat any 'pesky' mozzies!

It was another Science investigation for us when Jeremy found a big 'Net Casting' spider near his school bag.

She (the spider) didn't have a net at the time but we enjoyed learning more about how this type of spider makes its net-like (but not sticky) web to catch ants, beetles, other spiders and other insects.





                A female Net Casting Spider on our 1A verandahCan you see any of the five spiders in their webs?This is a female 'Golden Orb' spider.


 'Nettie' the 1A 'Net Casting' Spider   The large group of 'Golden Orb' spider webs   'A Golden Orb' spider

We enjoy reading 'Elmer' books by David McKee

We have enjoyed reading the 'Elmer' series of picture books written and illustrated by David McKee. It was fun but tricky to not use the same colours touching each other.


We all like learning and being busy in our lovely, spacious classroom. Sometimes we even get to have 'Golden Time' :) Playing with our friends out in the playground is also a lot of fun!     




Thank you for visiting our class page :)













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