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Term 1

Welcome to KM 

Students have settled into their school and class routines with enthusiasm, and are ready for their first year at school. After just a few weeks, KM students have learnt so much already.


Students are continuously developing their literacy skills through a range of modelled, guided, independent and small group activities. They are learning to read and write simple sentences, develop their phonics and phonemic awareness skills, expand their vocabulary and improve their comprehension skills. 


Students in KM have been developing their counting skills through a range of fun, hands-on and engaging activities. They have been using concrete materials to model addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and have learnt to measure length and tell o’clock time. Students in KM have been busy learning to divide objects into two equal parts and describe them as halves, and recognise, describe and continue repeating patterns of objects and drawings. KM are enjoying sorting and describing representations of two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects. 

The afternoons are for our lessons on Health, History, Geography, the Arts, Science, Computers and Developmental Play. 

Our sport day is Friday, where students get to team up with their fellow house members to participate in a range of games and activities which develop their fundamental movement skills.

We look forward to showing you our wonderful work this year!

Coral Reef Hat Parade 

Students in KM thoroughly enjoyed creating their own coral reef hats with their buddies in Senior A for the schools Barrier Reef Fundraiser. Students made their hats out of different recycled materials. KM had a fun morning parading their hats with the rest of the school, and assisting the senior students in raising money and awareness about the environment and the effects of climate change. 


KM students and their senior buddies had a lovely afternoon using the Ozobots. Ozobots are small robots programmed to follow different coloured lines which denote different directions. Students were very engaged while creating paths for their Ozobots to follow. They drew different coloured line combinations which represented commands such as slow down, speed up, stop, and change direction.  


Bringing technology into our classroom, like the Ozobots, was a fun learning experience for the students to learn about robotics and become familiar with programming technology.


KM students along with their Year 6 buddies, developed valuable programming skills as well as fine motor skills, problem-solving skills and logical thinking within this lesson.


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